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Add some color to your exterior!

What's this RGB LED outdoor lighting we've been talking all about?

Interested in knowing how holiday lighting or business branding could be as easy as the push of a button?

For starters, the RGB stands for red, green and blue. It's the most versatile lighting set-up on the market to date, that allows you to fully customize and control each and every light on your property. They are energy efficient, have a variety of settings including dimming, and produce a nearly endless array of static colors. Different shades of white make year round and everyday use flawless, and the custom color wheel makes it easy to light up your home or business for any season, holiday or special occasion. You can set them all to the same color, or change each individual bulb to whatever color you choose. To make it even easier, you can now control all settings, choose colors from a full spectrum color wheel, and even save your favorite settings and colors all from an app on your smartphone or tablet!

Interested in adding some color to your home or business? Call us today @ 913-707-8204 for a free consultation and see how Platinum Outdoor Concepts can upgrade your curb appeal.

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