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Winter Landscaping tips for Commercial and Residential Properties

Winter is a rigorous month in every aspect. The snow, ice and salt make it challenging to keep your property looking attractive. Here are some tips to keeping your property looking good through out the winter months and making sure you’re set for success when Spring rolls around.

#1: Know Your Zone

It is important when selecting landscape and plants, you choose ones that will thrive in your climate zone. The U.S. Department of Agriculture publishes a climate map, with eleven regions, that will help you determine which plants will thrive and which ones will not in your zone, depending on where you live.

#2: Continue Watering

When the cold weather starts sinking in, we often stop maintaining landscape features. However, just because the weather is cold, the need for water doesn’t go away. If the temperature is under 40 degrees then you’re off the hook, but neglecting to water lawns, plants and trees can result in a host of problems, including increased vulnerability to disease.

#3: Continue Raking

Raking is an annual project in the Fall, but it’s recommended to continue raking lawns and gardens throughout the Winter as well. As debris continues to build up and mix with the snow, it increases the rick for mold and fungus, especially where leaves have accumulated.

#4: Protect Thin-Barked Trees

Make sure you put a light-colored wrapping or burlap around your younger trees with thin bark in sunny areas. Doing so will help control frost, prevent sun scald, and ensure a healthy tree.

#5: Winterize Your Lawn

Winterizing your lawn is the process of fertilizing with essential nutrients to help maintain and promote healthy growth. Ideally, you’ll want to use a fertilizer rich in phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. If you apply it before the first freeze it will help your lawn grow rich and green in the spring. Maximizing curb appeal and minimizing work later on!

#6: Protect Your Landscape from Salt

Across the country more than 22 million tons of road salt is used each year. Road salt can cause many issues for your landscape, like misplacement of essential nutrients in the soil, dehydration, and elimination. Making a salt application management plan with your landscape in mind will help prevent any salt damage to your landscape.

To help manage landscape damage from salt you can:

-Reduce salt use by combining it with other materials like sand or sawdust that can provide grittiness for traction.

-Make applications carefully. Target roads and sidewalks and steer clear of lawns and garden beds. Consider the flow of runoff water when applying salt and do not plant in areas where runoff flows naturally.

-Cover evergreen shrubs and small trees near high traffic areas and don’t apply near tree roots unless absolutely necessary to eliminate safety hazards.

#7: Mulch Garden and Tree Beds

Mulch is a great insulator and will help protect roots from frost. There are many different types of mulch you can choose from that will help add curb appeal to your home or business throughout the Winter, but you can also mulch up and use the leaves you raked up this Fall! They are completely organic and free!

#8: Keep the Grass Cut

Not only do you need to continue mowing but you should start cutting your lawn 1-2 inches shorter than usual as you head into the Winter. This will reduce the risk of frostbite and snow mold. It can also prevent small rodents, such as mice, from digging nests as cold weather approaches.

#9: Winterize Sprinkler Systems

It should be common logic, but each year hundreds of business owners, home owners, property managers and landlords get blindsided by bursting pipes when freezing weather expands the water inside. Before it freezes, winterize your sprinkler system by forcing compressed air through the lines to push out any water that has accumulated.

#10: Add Beauty by Adding Pots

Nicely trimmed shrubs like boxwood's in large pots can add hints of fresh greenery to walkways and entryways all year long in most climates.

#11: Utilize Bark and Berries

Planted or for decor purposes, trees with highly textured bark, such as dogwood or birch, are great for Winter landscape. Crab-apple trees can look appealing too, because they retain their fruit in cold weather. While Holly is a beautiful winter plant, it’s not recommended for residential areas because holly berries are toxic. There are plenty of choices for your setting and zone that can add curb appeal throughout the Winter, just be sure to choose wisely.

#12: Add Winter- Blooming Flowers

While there are a lot of choices, the flowers you should choose depends on your latitude. Some beautiful winter plants include: Kaffir Lilies, Daphne, Christmas Roses, Winter jasmine, Witch-Hazel, Sweet Alyssum, Honey Wort, Winter Honeysuckle, Violets and Pansies. In some areas you can even try Lenten Roses, Oregon Grape, Heather and Snowdrops.

#13: Plant Winter Trees

Plant some winter trees if your looking to spruce up your curb appeal for the holiday months! Maple trees and evergreen hollies do well when planted in winter months.

#14: Prune Trees

Now that the leaves have fallen, it’s easy to see damaged branches. Trim and remove damaged and unwanted branches for a strong healthy tree come Spring.

Last but most certainly not least…

#15: Use Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can look especially beautiful in the Winter. There are many styles to choose from and you’re sure to find a fit no matter the landscape. With the latest advancements in LED lighting you can adjust the tone to be as cozy or bright as you prefer. You can even add RGB bulbs and have the power to change each bulb and color right at your fingertips. They are perfect for special events and make holiday lighting a breeze! It’s also an added safety feature by ensuring your home, business, walkways and driveway are well lit.

We understand that with winter comes the holiday season, and with that a lot of people get consumed with shopping, family and food and don’t have a lot of time for outdoor chores. Platinum Outdoor Concepts is here to help! If you are in the Kansas City area, we’ve got you covered!

Call us today at 913-707-8204


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