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Let there be LIGHT!

For home and business owners alike, there are many reasons and ample benefits to consider when it comes to Outdoor Lighting. You can increase safety, appearance and value with an energy efficient Outdoor LED Lighting package designed specifically for your home or business and budget.

You have invested a lot of time and effort into making sure the exterior of your home or business looks good, why hide the view at night?

Here we have compiled some benefits, for both residential and commercial, that might sway you into shining a light on your most treasured piece of real estate.

1. Visual Appeal

Illuminating the front and back of your property can accentuate the best aspects of your home exterior and landscape. Strategically placed lighting casts your home in the best possible light, highlights key features and intricate architectural details, giving your home what realtors like to call “curb appeal” and ensuring a solid return on your investment.

Outdoor Lighting makes your home more inviting to household members and guests alike. With a multitude of options, you can fill any space and emphasize focal points, colors and textures. You can also increase and expand outdoor areas by adding lighting!

For small business and commercial properties, all the above apply. In addition, it positively impacts your professional image. It allows you to light up any signage and promotional material giving you a competitive edge.

2. Safety & Security

Home and business owners are liable for any accidents that occur on their property, and dark areas with potentially dangerous situations, obscured paths or even cracks in the sidewalk could cause an incident. Outdoor lighting can prevent any unfortunate accidents or mishaps with family or guests.

Lighting draws attention to a home, increasing visibility for the residents, and decreasing potential crime. A dark environment is an easy target for potential burglars. Outdoor Lighting is a great deterrent for anything lurking in the darkness and allows not only the residents but surrounding neighbors the ability to spot any potential thief or intruder.

When running a business, safety is vital. A well-lit business and property make owners and employees feel safe and comfortable when present.

One benefit that is often overlooked is that most insurance companies will offer a discount for increased exterior lighting as well as periodic credits for not filing any claims.

3. Value

Regardless of size or style, outdoor lighting can enhance the appearance of your home and add style and dimension. It helps emphasize all the best features of your home, increase space, and transform a bland exterior making your property look more elegant and expensive. Outdoor LED Lighting can easily increase the value of ANY home and offers an advantage when it comes to selling the property. Exterior lighting consistently ranks among the most desirable characteristics for home buyers. A well-lit property is more attractive to potential buyers and or investors, making a lighting package both practical and financially responsible.

A well maintained exterior and landscape is an investment worth appreciating both day and night. Your property deserves to be seen in the best light!

If you are interested in adding Outdoor LED Lighting to your home or business, we can help with the specifics! We offer a free consultation as an opportunity to introduce ourselves and go over what you’re envisioning. Then our skilled team will create a personalized design and install the system for you.

Let there be light!

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